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Book pile - Deadline ZombieOne of the things which I love about books is that you’ll never read the same story twice.

I will read a novel from cover to cover over and over again and have a different experience each time. I can read a book five times and have five different opinions on the plot, characters and theme. If you read the same book, you’ll have a whole new take – and we’ve got a conversation happening…

…and we’d have only covered one book.

Ask me which is my favourite book of all time, and I’ll give you a different answer every day of the week. Sometimes it’s the message (or lack of one) which resonates, on others I’ll latch onto a particular author’s style. Reading and appreciating a book is like taking a really personal, individual journey.

For me, Deadline Zombie is that journey.

The concept for Deadline Zombie came about when I realised that for all the tens or hundreds of thousands of words I’ve written over the years, I owned virtually none of them.

Deadline Zombie is my mash-up of book reviews, writing and publishing tips that I pick up from around the place, plus links to other cool bloggers who I enjoy. Maybe I’ll throw in something personal from time to time. If I get around to finishing a computer game, I’ll talk about that as well.

I’ll largely write about whatever I’m reading at the moment, but I’ll also dip in to the memory bank and post about my favourites from the past. You’ll find a bit of anything and everything – crime, humour, science fiction, military history, philosophy, political theory, graphic novels, even biographies. I’ll even try romance (Han and Leia count as romance, right?)

I mentioned book reviews earlier, but that’s probably not quite right. That’s because to me a review is something with a score and a recommendation to buy (or skip) it. These won’t really be reviews in the traditional sense of the term – perhaps ‘analysis’ is a better description. You won’t find any scores here and I won’t try to talk you out of reading something… hell, if a book is that bad I want you to read it too so that we can have a laugh about it.


No scores, no snores, no spoilers

Book pile - Deadline ZombieWhat will you find here? Pros and cons for each book, my personal highlights, an attempt at some analysis, the occasional insight, and your chance to tell me why I’m wrong. I’m here to get you to try something a little different, to read a book that you wouldn’t otherwise have considered, and to discuss it afterwards. I’d like nothing better than for you to try a book I’ve posted about, discover that you hated loved it, and then tell me why.

Submissions and suggestions? I’d love to, but I’m going to abstain from accepting submissions for now. I already have a ridiculous backlog of books which I have no hope of ever conquering, but I would like to hear your suggestions if you find something good to read.

I’d like to thank my friend Galey at www.galeysbooks.com for the motivation to finally get Deadline Zombie off the ground… mate, your annual book lists are an inspiration.

All the thoughts and opinions published by me on this website are my own personal viewpoints. Formalities aside, if you think there is something missing on Deadline Zombie, or you see something somewhere that you think would work well here, then let me know!

Thanks for reading


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