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Odds and sods - the best articles about publishing

A list of interesting, fascinating, horrifying or just plain funny articles about writing, editing, books, novels, authors or anything else relating to the big wide world of publishing. It’s basically stuff I find around the traps – this page is updated each week – newest articles at the top.

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Latest publishing links

Working with Professionals in the Publishing Industry : Great advice

What Inspires Creativity? – 8 Methods to Summon Your Muse: A good read

5 Industry Trends Requiring Every Writer’s Attention: Bookmark this wonderful advice

Self-Publishers: Do You Need Nurturing?: Sometimes I can’t even spell TLC

From Serviceable to Memorable: 5 Principles for Dialogue That Delivers: I say, I say, great stuff!

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned As An Indie Author: I am so loving this post

A newbies guide to publishing: Konrath on Patterson : Hear hear

Writing Close Point of View

What NOT to Do When Beginning Your Novel: It was a dark and stormy nigh… oh, wait

The Stuff in Thrillers

Author Know Thy Business: Self-Publishing By The Numbers, An Informal Survey

Self Publishing ProTips: The Dos and Don’ts of Requesting Reviews

Short Story, The Dead Should Stay Dead, Now Published & Sales Rank : A cautionary tale

The art of submission… and not the kinky kind

Author to Author: A Public Service Announcement : Look after your eyes

Want to know what’s next for ebooks? Ask a teen: Like, yeah, uh duh

Writers, Writing and When to Swear: Right now sounds good…

Tips from HarperVoyager editor Amy McCulloch on writing fantasy/SF

Beware the Dreaded Passive Voice : Beware the nagging voice even more

Bad Cover = Bad Sales (Why you need Professional Cover Art)

Pushing Past Procrastination, by Melissa Foster: I’ll post this tomorrow

Give yourself permission to write the hard stuff: Working through those personal barriers

Other cool websites

Galey's Books: Ruminations on books and reading
Marianne de Pierres: Australian science fiction author
Ian Irvine: 'The truth about publishing'
streetwraith.net: Discussions of self-published books