Dark Space: Book 1 of the Sentients of Orion

Dark Space: Book 1 of the Sentients of Orion
Genre: Science Fiction
ASIN: B003HV0U22
ISBN: 9781841494289

An examination of God. A look at what makes us human. A young girl’s strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk (well, maybe not that last one). Welcome to Dark Space, by Marianne de Pierres.

About the Book

While drifting in space, lost, due to navigational failure, a mineral scout discovers God. When word gets out, academics from the studiums across Orion  scramble to gain the Entity’s favour. However, not all the sentients of Orion  hold this ‘god’ in awe – some, like the philosophers of Scolar and the  Transhuman’s of Extropy are deeply suspicious.

Onto the grand  stage of inter-planetary academic politics, intellectual conceit and dubious  theology walks Baronessa Mira Fedor. Her planet has been torn apart by the  invasion of a race of giant tardigrades. Only the Orion League of  sentient  Species can lend aid, but OLOSS are preoccupied with communicating with god.  Mira, together with the larrikin, misogynist Jo-Jo Rasterovich, is left to her  own resources to find help. In doing so she unmasks a galaxy-size  intrigue.

But will she live long enough to tell anyone. . . ?

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