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Out of Stone - John G ReesGypsy feuds, vampires, Roman-era despots, Eastern European mafia, mind control, and even a little time travel – John G Rees’ horror novel Out of Stone has something for everyone.

Young Romanian girl Sechra Kcirb is scarred for life when her family, her loved ones and her entire village is tortured and massacred before her eyes. From that day her every moment is haunted by nightmares, and to find solace she turns to stone carving with such dedication she becomes a world-renowned stonemason and artist.

However there seems to be more to her statues and dioramas than meets the eye. Her creations, which feature macabre scenes of torture and villainy, see her become an unwitting pawn in a plot which could destroy not only today’s world but also its very soul.

Out of Stone is an imaginative, original story which weaves many different plot strands into a suitably horrific web which will leave you dreading  what happens next. In his book Rees uses some nice imagery… and some not so nice (as you’d expect). Parts of this book will leave you speechless – and you may not look at another horror story quite the same way.

Rees has a natural writing style and a special way with his words and his story .

“The darkened alleys in the old town of Istanbul were caked with centuries of dust along with the wind-blown detritus of a modern world”


“The viewer, in looking over the sculpture, not only feels a rumbling in his or her intestines, but searches for the point in the piece. Most witnesses to the display miss it on the first look over. It wasn’t until you bent low, fearing you might shit your pants because of the position and the loose feeling in your bowels, that you saw a split in the boards beneath the seating.”

I found it interesting that Sechra works stone and creates horrific statues and sculptures based on her horrific childhood experiences. She obviously is unable to deal with the ghosts in her head – is she trying to give substance to her nightmares?

“She saw as much with her fingers as her eyes. Sechra felt for the life, her life that she hammered into the basalt.”

Perhaps by giving shape to her bad dreams she conquers her fears by actually taking part in creating them. Or is it perhaps about trying to understand the incomprehensible – trying to define an issue which defies all other attempts of control?

“Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man and the nightmares that ruin our lives are timeless”

I enjoyed the unique plot from Out of Stone. However this is the first self-published book which I have reviewed, and while I always look to be positive, I should point out that there are parts that do need some more polish.  Out of Stone might have benefitted from spending a bit longer in the oven, as it’s a little raw in places and to be honest it felt like it could use an extra edit.

However if you’re looking for an original horror story with some bone-chilling moments, then Out of Stone fits the bill nicely.

*Note: The author supplied me with a hardcopy edition of Out of Stone for review purposes.

Out of Stone

Out of Stone

Genre: Horror
ISBN: 9780983192077

Gypsy feuds, vampires, Roman-era despots, Eastern European mafia, mind control, and even a little time travel – John G Rees’ horror novel Out of Stone has something for everyone.

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About the Book

If you think evil had been put to rest with Halocline, john g rees’ 2nd book of his ‘anoxic zone’ series, think again. Evil does not sleep, nor take a break as men do. It waits, but it is not still. Patient, but never at peace. It waits until men take their break on vigilance. Then the tendrils of greed, lust, power and jealousy insinuate themselves within the fecund soil of the unguarded mind. That is just the beginning. Evil does not want to be forever on the inside, just behind the eyes. No, it wants to live among men, feed on their fear. It wants out!

Sechra was just a child when she witnessed man’s cruelty in the extreme. Her young mind became black with hatred for what had been done to her family and people. Now this is what you call fertile soil. In a moment of childhood ignorance, she embraced the seed of evil in an effort to fill the void of all she had lost. It sprouted. Grew. A dark hand guided her, unseen behind Sechra’s sparkling eyes. Years of practice and natural ability rendered the girl a master stonecutter. No one noticed the sinister nature within her sculpting, least of all Sechra, until it was too late.

Then all hell breaks loose.

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  1. John G Rees says:

    Aloha Nick, your review was on our computer when we got up this morning. What a great way to start the day. Without giving the story away the review was compelling and I couldn’t have asked for better. We at Black Water Books agree that another editing would bring ‘Out of Stone’ to fullfillment. As it is, its a bit like the author and could use some of that polish. We look forward to addressing some of those issues when we do the next printing. Mahalo for an excellent review. Good luck and Aloha, john g

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