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Another list of interesting, fascinating, horrifying or just plain funny articles about writing, editing, books, novels, authors or anything else relating to the big wide world of publishing. It’s basically stuff I find around the traps – this page is updated periodically – newest articles at the top.

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Latest publishing links

Take advantage of your public library: I LOVE the library!

How to polish your manuscript:Elbow grease

Do you write your chapters too long?: True, but short chapters can feel rushed

How to create intoxicating hero/ines: Character-building advice

Stingy Bastards – An author’s gripe: A pox on their houses

Five basics for killer crime thrillers: BYO trenchcoat, fedora and marshmallows

Starting out strong – how to write a killer opening: Good tips on writing a page turner

Myths of being a published author: Truthbombs right here

The death of facebook: I wonder if he’s right?

Do free books devalue the author?: Good post. Price may drop but book always retains its value

Writing when you’re not an author who can’t not write: Quality over quantity

When bad publishers happen to good writers: First time author? Read this post

Three things to do even before the book contract : Great advice!

A new look on piracy for indie authors: Until now I never knew I wanted to become an APE!

How indie authors sell foreign rights : Keep this in mind

How to weave backstory into your novel seamlessly: Backstory: invisible thread

Tackling a first draft: Keep it fun – you’re gonna spend a lot of time with it

Write like a wizard – defeating writer’s block: I’m keeping a wand in my pencil case from now on

Does your novel have too many characters?: A great lifejacket

Five great rules for writing dialogue: Nice tips to keep dialogue tight

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